LU MEI was launched in 2016 by husband and wife, Hunter Mei and Lu Lu. Noticing that there was a gap in the outerwear market, LU MEI are determined to be a brand providing great quality at the right price. Specializing in down products, LU MEI only utilizes top quality llings - over 90% goose-down.

The backbone of LU MEI is Hunter’s families factory, located near Shanghai. The factory has been in operation for over 30 years and has produced garments for brands such as Balenciaga, Armani and The North Face. All LU MEI pieces are made by a highly experienced and skilled team. The factories are ethically run with every employee being treated as a member of the family.

LU MEI prioritises well-being over profit, particularly relative to competing brands, and is confident that their products o er high quality outerwear to a broad audience.

With extreme attention to detail, fabric and trim are sourced from well- reputed Italian Mills and factories. LU MEI’s designs t the lifestyle of the young, open minded, conscientious girl who lives in the city but loves to travel.











LU MEI has been crafted to fit perfectly into the wardrobe of the empowered woman. The creative team were headhunted for their expertise and fresh perspective. Embodying the brand ethos of quality and innovation they have gathered vast experience in the world of luxury fashion. Behind each piece is a powerhouse of precision and concept.








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